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Testing Services

Environmental Tests

Climatic Test Chambers

  • Climatic Test Facility with a temperature control from -75°C to +180°C with a ramp rate of upto 10°C / min
  • Combined Low-High Chamber with Relative Humidity & Altitude upto 30mbar
  • Two different types of Dust Test Facilities
  • The Test Facility is capable of Conducting the following tests
    1. Low Temperature Test
    2. High Temperature Test
    3. Damp Heat Test / Humidity Test
    4. Altitude Test
    5. Temperature Cycling Test
    6. Thermal Shock
    7. Dust Test
    8. Rain Test
    9. Salt Corrosion
    10. Tropical Exposure

Features of Climatic Test Chambers

Ramp Rate: Upto 10°C/min & complies with ESS test Methods

Test Volume: 600 Litres to 1500 Litres and Walk-in Chamber of 2m3

Type of Tests: Low Temperature, High Temperature, Damp Heat, Temperature Cycling, Thermal Shock and Altitude Tests

Dynamic Test Machines

  • 3500kgf capacity with combo sliptable of 1220 mm x 1220 mm size with head expander of 1220mm x 1220mm.
  • Displacement of 76mm, Velocity of 1.8 m / sec, acceleration of 110g.
  • Load bearing capability of 600kg with 440mm armature with resonance of >2300Hz
  • High Accurate 8 channel advanced vibration controller, 140dB dynamic range, frequency range from 5 to 3000Hz.
  • Acceleration Machine with maximum acceleration of 35g.
  • Combined Climatic Vibration Test with 2000Kgf Vibration Machine along with 1200 litres chamber with a ramp rate of 10 deg / min.
  • Bump and Shock test up to 40g 11ms, 6ms and 16ms.

Other Test Chambers

Salt Corrosion Chamber

Working Space & Capacity: Width: 2160mm, Depth: 980mm and Height:1320mm

Test Methods: ASTM, BS, DIN, IEC, ISO JIS, MIL and JASO

Application: Painted surfaces chromate conversion coating, fasteners corrosion resistivity etc.

Rain Test Chamber and Facility

Test Space: 2m3 (Chamber) and 5m x 5m x 15m (Facility)

Test Specification: JSS 55555: 2012, IS 9000 and IS 10236

Rain fall rate: 250mm/hr

Static Pressure: 200kPa