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Rahul Chaudhry, CEO, Tata Power SED on indigenization - 22 February, 2010

22 Feb 2010 8ak: Rahul Chaudhry, CEO, Tata Power SED talks to Manu Sood, editor 8ak.in, about the need for indigenisation. The biggest benefit he feels is that this way you can prevent the installation of malware, kill switches etc.

Ajai Shukla did a series of articles on DPSU dadagiri (bullying by Indian defence public sector units) and hints from the articles and his commentators that though BEL's contribution to Samyukta was supposed to be indigenous, it had basically bought these from three foreign companies. Talking to 8ak, Mr Rahul Chaudhry states that less than 15% of any of its systems is developed by external companies.

If you thought that this would be another reason to increase the participation of the private sector in defence, think again. In Ajai Shukla's interviews with MoS Pallamraju and his article on Antony favouring DPSUs even though both the Army and DRDO wanted L&T, show that the future looks like. Even the best performing, large private sector companies will be relegated a role of being subservient to the public sector, even though this may not be in the interest of national security.

Scource: http://www.8ak.in/8ak_india_defence_news/2010/02/interview-rahul-chaudhary-tata-power-ceo-on-indigenisation.html