Tata Power SED   TATA


To cater to the requirements of large volume production orders, Tata Power SED has implemented an Integrated Design to Manufacturing facility meeting the System Engineering requirements and Quality Standards for Defence equipment.



The Division is equipped with:

  • 100K Class Clean Room that houses state-of-the-art PCB Assembly Lines along with PCB Assembly Inspection Equipment for automated PCB assembly and validation
  • 10K Class Clean Room for Precision electronics assembly that demands a higher degree of dust-free environment for Optronics
  • 15 bays for System Integration of large Entities and Mobile platform based systems
  • 15,000 sq. ft. for Assembly and Testing for Opto Electronics Systems which includes 8,000 sq. ft. of Class 10K Clean Rooms
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) to improve the production testing efficiency and speed
  • In-house Precision Engineering / Proto-typing with facilities such as CNC machines to fabricate and evaluate proto units for specific in-house designs
  • In-house Stoving and Paint Shop to ensure High Quality Painting to handle highly corrosive environment such as exhaust of rockets / missiles and the harsh operating environment
  • Mil Std 461E/F EMI/EMC Test Facility up to 40GHz to accommodate an entire integrated vehicle such as a Launcher, a Gun or an Entity on a tracked / wheeled platform; EMP and ESD test facility also available
  • Environmental Test Facilities for JSS 55555 compliance testing including Temperature, Humidity, Tropical Exposure, Thermal Shock and Cycling, Altitude, Vibration, Bump, Acceleration & Salt Corrosion tests
  • Driving Rain Test Facility