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Through its expertise in Technology Management and the effective utilization of its wide range of competencies, Tata power SED is well on the path of nurturing substantive self-reliance for Indian Defence by developing, integrating and supplying systems in niche areas such as Command and Control, Electronic Warfare, Tactical Communications, Weapon Delivery, Artillery & Armour, Air Defence and Servo Control & Drive Electronics for platform positioning and tracking.

Today, Tata Power SED, provides comprehensive solutions in Strategic Electronics of Embedding Intelligence in Sensors & Weapon Systems and has core strengths in the areas of:

  • Engineering and Packaging of large structural payloads for launch platforms up to compact electronic units for airborne applications
  • Robust and Real Time Software for Embedded Applications
  • Rapid Prototyping & Simulation
  • Development of advanced algorithms for Platform Servo Control, Target Data Processing / Tracking / Fusion for Radars & other Sensors
  • Artillery Ballistics
  • Night Vision devices & IR-Based Weapon Sights

The Division has the ability to understand Defence requirements and design & manufacture to MIL Grade with requisite system reliability, documentation and long-term Lifecycle support. Our infrastructure includes an Integrated Design-to-Production facility, Advanced Environmental / EMI / EMC / EMP Testing capability, Precision Engineering Tool Rooms, Large System Integration Bays and Staging Facilities.