Tata Power SED   TATA


Environmental Test Facility

Tata Power SED’s Test facilities are well equipped to carry out environmental tests during different stages of development, qualification, acceptance and production of electronic / electrical assemblies in order to weed out the design, fabrication and integration deficiencies and to ensure product quality.

NABL Electronics (English)


Environmental Test Facility for JSS 55555 / MIL-810 Compliance

  • Combined Vibration and
    Shock Test
  • Rapid Temperature
    Cycling Test
  • Bump Test
  • Acceleration Test
  • Altitude Test
  • Temperature Cycling Test
  • Salt Corrosion Test
  • Temperature / Humidity Test
  • Tropical Exposure Test
  • Thermal Shock Test
  • Shock Test
  • ESS and Climatic Test
  • Combined
    Temperature and
    Humidity with
    Vibration Test
  • Combined Climatic
    and Vibration Test
    and  Climatic Test
  • Drip Test
  • Drop Test
  • Shock Test (As per NS)
  • Toppling Test
  • Entity / Module Rain Test
  • Dust Test as per IP

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