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Centre for Excellence

Life at Tata Power SED

We, at Tata Power SED, lead a simple life mingled with exuberance. We learn, we grow as we innovate and we enjoy – all while at work!

Our culture is driven by our core values which lays high emphasis on learning and knowledge sharing. Wonder how? Through various training programmes, internal knowledge sharing sessions, webcasts, online lectures, et al. Young SEDians are encouraged to foray in various areas involving technology and pioneers are only happy to share and delegate responsibilities. Tata Power SED believes in “Growth” through its “People” and goes an extra mile to ensure individuals realize their own goal of self actualization. We promote a largely entrepreneurial culture; our employees are encouraged to pave their own paths and be opportunistic.

Inside office

While we work, we celebrate festivals, participate in sports events, organize quizzes and fun fairs – that’s our way of W@W – fun While at Work! Not to forget, SEDians enjoy a host of benefits such as flexible timings, healthcare facilities to ensure a perfect work-life balance.

Career Opportunities

At Tata Power SED, you’ll find a stimulating environment where you’re continually challenged to go further. Tata Power SED offers opportunities for growth that can fill a career.

  • Exposure to latest technological know-how
  • World class business processes
  • Multifunctional skills
  • Fast track growth

Want to experience the high of working for a company in the Defence Industry? This is the place for you.