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Contemporary Warfare
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The efficacy of contemporary warfare is derived from an expanding theatre of engagement, precision strikes and the ability to manage logistics for rapid and optimal delivery of resources across the globe.

The expanding theatre of engagement necessitates Extreme Mobility of forces across diverse regions.

In this context, it is much more than fire power and the sheer numbers of a fighting force that will determine success on today's battlefield.

Information Superiority is the backbone of Modern Warfare with Electronic Warfare Capabilities as a Key Force Multiplier. All this is networked across existing and new Sensors & Weapon Systems over Land, Air and Sea.

The traditional Command and Control structure that governs the conventional battlefield has to evolve to deal with the phenomenon of Information Overload in this Networked Era. Militaries across the world are engaged in developing their Doctrines for this digital world. Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) calls for Decision Assist Systems that need to support Modern Warfare requiring a multi-disciplinary, multi- dimensional approach involving the best talent across military, industry and academia.